My prolonged experience with living on the internet

The majority of my 2+ decades on this Earth has been spent on the internet. During this time everything has been changed in order to accommodate for this “new” phenomenon. I have found many friends through playing video games, and still keep in touch with most to this day.

I am very fond of technology, growing up in the late 90’s allowed me to ride the new wave of technological advances and learn as I grew. From experience I have often found myself wondering how things work, and trying to manipulate them to work in a different manner.

With my long-lived experiences of using digital communication, and generally spending most of my time online, I believe that I would be considered a “digital expert”. Compared to others within that category I would be on the lower end of the spectrum.

In attending this course I hope to gain new insight into efficient ways to spread information to others that may be interested. Also, how to promote my website’s ability to come up on the first page of search engine results. I feel that this course will offer many newer features that have been added to the digital experience, that I have been unable to keep up-to-date on.


One Reply to “My prolonged experience with living on the internet”

  1. Technology is a wondrous thing, and even more so once you see things work with coding and programming. I was born around the mid ’90s and as such, I was plunged deep in surfing the web. But my own experience is rather weird as I still have a tendency to say http://www.Website when telling my friends about new websites. I hope you get everything you are looking for this semester and the growth of future digital endeavors is excellent.


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